Whether it’s sleeping, being distracted or being an explorer, we often end up having to hop on the bus and back. Walking hundreds of feet or a few miles, to get where we want. That’s when we do not just realize it in another neighborhood or city.

But how does our solution work?

We created the GPS Alarm.

With GPS Alarm you define where you want to go and create a perimeter. When you enter this perimeter, the application will alert you that your destination is nearby. Simple like that!

You can set a distance between 50m and 600m. Enough for you to never have to be angry with the driver again, when he forgets that you asked to let you know when the bus get in a place.

You can keep alarms to your favorite places, and turn them on or off whenever you want. Creating an alarm is very easy and fast, but it is much better if it is already there.

No more losing meetings, getting more tired than you should, having to explain your delays or getting lost around.

Download the GPS Alarm now.

GPS Alarm uses your location to set when to trigger the alarm. We do not access or use this information.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.